Energy Healing Sessions & Classes

"Think not that man is earth-born,
though come from the earth he may be.
Man is light-born spirit - one with the Cosmos.
But, without knowing, he can never be free."
Thoth - The Emerald Tablets

Discover a fast-track approach to raising

your vibration for the purpose of:
1) physical/emotional healing
2) consciousness evolution


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live a 
high-vibe life and find your own
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eye of horus


Aïten Snaith - Egyptian Energy Healer

& Guide to Higher Consciousness



It is no secret that your predominant thoughts, feelings and beliefs determine the quality of your life. But did you know that they are largely the cause of your life experiences? In other words, life is not as random as you think, and the new science is confirming that your inner world is constantly being reflected in your outer world.


We have been given this amazing gift of being able to use the power of our intention to be creators in this physical world, but our creative power is being unknowingly misused when we allow ourselves to be ruled by our limiting beliefs and old programming.


The time has come to go from sort-of knowing the role we play in creating our own realities, to taking full responsibility for this innate ability we all possess!


My sessions and workshops are designed to reveal to you the secrets behind creating lasting inner shifts that can manifest as changes in everything from your health, to your career, to your relationships.  

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