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"Think not that man is earth-born,
though come from the earth he may be.
Man is light-born spirit - one with the Cosmos.
But, without knowing, he can never be free."
Thoth - The Emerald Tablets

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Aïten Snaith - Egyptian Energy Healer & Guide to Higher Consciousness

What is Energy Healing all about?


Energy Healing is for more than just relaxing or hoping someone can make your struggles go away. It’s about becoming aware that the (unconscious) source and therefore solution to your pain lies within you. 

When every fiber of your being accepts this simple yet profound truth, your life can never be the same again. My goal is to help you see yourself as the answer to your own prayers. By embracing the truth of who you are beyond this human life, you can replace mental anguish with in-the-moment intuitive guidance, which perpetually reveals your highest, freest path.


My sessions and workshops reveal key spiritual and scientifically-grounded Cosmic Principles that govern this reality, so that you can learn how to become a conscious architect of your life. Learn more here.


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