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Dreams: A Better Representation of Reality?

We have been programmed to think that when we are awake we are experiencing reality, and that when we dream at night we are entering a fictional, make-believe world. But is that really What’s happening? 

What I was taught at school…

Scientists still struggle to understand the dream-state and the purpose of dreaming. Some say that it’s nature’s way of allowing us to process and learn from our events of the day, including putting potentially threatening things into a ‘danger’ folder. And kids report a higher frequency of nightmares than adults because they are in their early stages of development, where they are still learning to tag things as ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’ (like run away when a bear is chasing you, or don’t cross a busy street). 

Some say that when we dream it is our subconscious speaking to us, letting us know what our true desires are and where we may be out of alignment. Since being out of alignment with your true desires can lead to depression and even illness, you may experience nightmares as warning signs that something needs to change. 

Anxiety dreams are common when you have a big test or job interview coming up (or something more serious), and dreaming of toilets is common when you need to pee! Again, just more cues that there is something that needs to be addressed. 

While this is sound reasoning which explains that dreaming may have evolved to keep us safe, how can we explain the content of some dreams - like when you foresee a future event that eventually materializes (a premonition), or when you see people you have never met or places you have never been, only to later find out that they actually do exist?

And now for a ‘quantum’ perspective:

I am no scientist or expert on the subject, but let’s take a closer look. Our physical body is comprised of molecules that are vibrating so slowly that they appear solid because they are essentially frozen in time and space. But we don't end where our physical body ends. We have layers that are vibrating at different frequencies, much higher frequencies which are not stuck in this 3D plane, but that are vibrating so fast that we can't see them with our 3D equipment.

The part of us that exists at these higher frequencies is our direct connection to ‘everything that is’ or universal consciousness. This is sometimes identified as our Higher Self. The part of us that exists at more dense frequencies (our physical form, the different layers of our aura etc) has lost sight of this expanded awareness and been increasingly shaped by made-up societal paradigms and expired survival instincts. On a side note, this has started to shift as recent changes in the earth’s vibration are having important implications on the evolution of human consciousness (hooray!). But back to dreaming, when we are sleeping our guard is down (a.k.a. our logical mind) so we easily resume our direct connection to ‘everything that is’ and have experiences that are unexplainable by our rational minds.

This view is in keeping with the discoveries made in the field of quantum physics - that time is not linear. Our consciousness has the ability to transcend the illusion of time and space, which gives us access to information on all levels: past, present and future. This explains how it is possible to have premonition dreams. And while it is easier to tap into this information when we are sleeping, we can also learn to consciously “tap in” at will (more on this in a future article…).

So here’s a question: is it really our ‘waking state’ that’s more like a dream?? Is it that the boundlessness of our dreams is more reflective of the true scope of reality - all the crazy things we do, the places we visit, the languages we suddenly know how to speak, the lack of a familiar sense of space and time? Is our waking state just a tiny glimpse of what is out there, designed to keep us stuck within manageable parameters? Just imagine what would be possible if we started to change these limited parameters.

In Conclusion:

So next time you hear “there, there… it was just a dream”, ask yourself “was it???”. After all, it was still registered by your bodymind as a visceral experience. Ever suddenly jump (or maybe kick, scream or punch) only to wake up and find yourself at home in bed… not at a basketball game jumping to block a shot? “But it was so real!” you exclaim to your significant other whom you just scared half to death.

At the end of the day, the truth behind dreaming and reality will always be shrouded in mystery so let’s just take what we think we know and roll with it. What else are we going to do??

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I explore how we can use dreams to improve the quality of our lives… something people have been doing around the globe for thousands of years.

Written by Aïten Snaith, Energy Healing Practitioner and Truth Seeker


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