Wisdom of Ancient Egypt & Beyond

Why Are We Affected By Eclipses?

When you next get the feeling that there is ‘change in the air’, check to see if we are in eclipse season, which occurs for about 34 days twice a year just short of 6 months apart. Eclipse seasons are said to be times of great change and turbulent emotional energy, with each eclipse leaving it’s own unique imprint on human consciousness.

Instead of accepting these statements at face value, I feel that having even a basic understanding of why these seemingly ‘out-there' concepts exist allows us to embrace them more fully, rather than just casually mentioning them as ‘fun pseudo-facts' in superficial conversations.

I’d like to start the exploration of this age-old astrological concept - that we are affected by eclipses and other cosmic activity - by diving head first into what some might refer to as ‘The Bigger Picture.'

All things in creation - rocks, plants, animals, people, sentient beings, stars, planets - are derived from one energy source or one consciousness. As such, everything is intrinsically linked whether we realize it or not.  This may be hard to fathom because we appear to be so different from say a crystal or even another person. But what is happening is that we are all representing and expressing different aspects of this one energy. Nothing in creation can separate itself out from this common energy source and when we speak of things being “separate from us”, we must understand that we are dealing with an illusion, not the truth. It’s simply a matter of perspective

Because we are perceiving life from the human perspective, it would behove us to start paying more attention to how different aspects of consciousness affect both humanity at large (i.e. human mass consciousness) and affect us as ‘individuals’ (i.e. unique expressions of consciousness). 

As unique expressions of consciousness (individual people) we both co-create and are molded by mass (human) consciousness, which both co-creates and is molded by the consciousness of Planet Earth, which both co-creates and is molded by the consciousness of our solar system - and so on and so forth. Change on any level ripples through the very fabric of reality and impacts both the material and non-material worlds. 

Now let’s hone in on the level of the planetary bodies, which each have their own unique expression of consciousness that can be seen as a ‘personality.’ Due to the magnitude, proximity and ever-changing location of the planets, the consciousness of planet earth, humanity and us as individuals is in a constant state of flux and these powerful energies affect us more than we realize.

By becoming aware of these influences, we can tap into higher levels of awareness where we can learn to transcend or at least navigate in harmony with the tides of change, rather than stay asleep and be swallowed up by the turbulent waters. 

We can intentionally create positive change in mass consciousness by first changing ourselves through a broadening of our ‘range of awareness’ up to the ultimate awareness of source consciousness itself. Our range of awareness and influence on mass consciousness can be amplified by learning to use cosmic energies at the right times.

During eclipses, the main planetary bodies in play are the sun and moon (which are the planetary bodies we are most affected by). The moon governs our emotions, our unconscious mind and has a feminine energy whereas the sun has a more masculine energy and governs our conscious mind. When the moon crosses the path of the sun in a solar eclipse, it is like shedding light on all of our suppressed emotional baggage and unconscious patterns and bringing them to our conscious attention. We can then use the transformational light of the sun or, in other words, the power of our conscious awareness, to integrate and learn from our past hurts. This is how we evolve and grow!

To sum up: in "eclipse season" expect emotions to be at an all time high but you can choose to channel this emotional energy into creating a positive shift - such as transcending an addiction - or completely changing paths by starting a new business, relationship, moving etc. 

The soil for planting new seeds is as fertile as it gets, so it’s not the time to be planting little sprouts that are harvested within days. It is time to plant your favorite fruit tree which will yield delicious fruit for many years to come. Just don’t forget to love and water it ;)

You can direct how this energy of change manifests in your life by writing down the following:

1. A self-sabotaging behavior/belief/trauma you are ready to shift 
2. A new goal/intention/seed to sow
3. An action you can take to set your goal/intention into motion

Be excited about your responses and share them with friends and loved ones. This feeds them energy so that they start to activate a parallel reality for you to move into.

No more playing a small game, this is time to think BIG! 

Written by Aïten Snaith
Wisdom of Ancient Egypt & Beyond


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