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Awakening the Third Eye


There is so much hype and mysticism surrounding the third eye and the pineal gland. Fortunately, science has finally caught up and is validating what the ancients have known for thousands of years: that the pineal gland found in the center of our brains is actually considered to be a third eye!!! 

While this might be difficult to wrap our minds around, here are some compelling facts about the pineal gland that support this claim:
  • It is lined with pinealocytes, which are photoreceptors similar to the rods and cones found in the retina of our eyes
  • It has the same wiring as the eyes to the visual cortex of the brain
  • It is pinecone-shaped, mostly hollow and contains water - I’ll get to why this is key
  • It is said to produce DMT, a molecule that creates natural psychedelic states of consciousness - I’m talking about the same DMT molecule that’s found in plant medicine brews such as ayahuasca; we produce this naturally!
Before going any further, let me just make it clear that I will be using the terms ‘third eye’ and ‘pineal gland’ interchangeably. The third eye energy center or “chakra” is located in the middle of the forehead just above the eyebrows and is associated with intuition and psychic abilities like clairvoyance and clairaudience. You can think of the pineal gland as being the physical counterpart of the third eye chakra i.e. literally a third eye and thus the physical mechanism through which extrasensory information is received.

When we think of what we were taught at school about the pineal gland, what comes to mind is the role it plays in determining our sleep/wake cycle and mood. It produces melatonin, the ‘sleep hormone’ and is activated by darkness. Melatonin’s sister hormone, serotonin, is produced in a different area of the brain - the Nucleus Raphes - which is stimulated by light.

Too much or not enough exposure to light affects the functioning of the pineal gland. With insufficient light exposure during the day, not enough serotonin builds up in the body to trigger its conversion to melatonin at night. This is why it’s important to get plenty of sunshine, especially if you have no windows at work. With excessive light exposure, melatonin production can’t be properly initiated, leading to insomnia and unsound sleep: this is why we keep being told not to use electronic devices and bright lights before bed.

When the pineal gland is prevented from doing its job, it begins to atrophy in the same way that a muscle starts to shrink when it’s not used frequently enough. In this electronic age, our pineal glands are a lot smaller than they used to be!

Aside from perhaps disturbed sleep and more mood swings, how else are we being affected by a shrinking pineal gland? Let’s just say that there is a reason that almost every culture or spiritual tradition has made reference to this tiny gland in their art, sacred texts and/or practices, including the Eye of Horus in Ancient Egypt, the bindi in Hinduism and the pinecone imagery found across the world. This fact alone implies that the function of the pineal gland goes far beyond governing our circadian rhythm. What could this mysterious function be?

This can best be summed up by the words of renowned philosopher, René Descartes, who said: “the pineal gland is the seat of the human soul”. He is basically implying that the pineal gland acts as a “gateway” or an entry and exit point for the soul. He believed it to be our connection to other dimensional realms of existence. Now this is a function worthy of all the excitement surrounding it!

Let us take a look at what evidence there is supporting Descartes’ statement, starting with an important discovery made by Dr. Rick Strassman who found that the pineal gland and DMT molecule can first be detected in a human fetus at 49 days after conception. This coincides with the Tibetan belief that a soul spends 49 days between lives (in “bardo") before entering a new body. DMT - believed to be naturally produced by the pineal gland - also exists in high doses at death when the soul exits the body. A high dose of DMT therefore seems to be associated with our soul’s ability to experience other realms of existence, as can also be seen by the ingestion of DMT-containing plants in many cultures as a means of accessing the ‘spirit world.’ What we might have written off as ‘hallucinations’ we can now view as being experiences of other dimensions.

I already mentioned that darkness activates the pineal gland and that it is hollow and contains water. What’s actually happening is that darkness triggers an electromagnetic (EM) field that spins the water, creating a vortex that is accelerated in the presence of DMT. When strong enough, this vortex acts like a shield that blocks out signals and references to this earthly reality. The astral body is then free to travel through space/time and send information-packed photons (light particles) from other realities back to the physical body, which receives visual images via the pineal gland (i.e. ‘third eye’). Now we can see why this center is associated with a ‘6th sense’ - but to access it, our 5 senses that are locking us into this physical reality must be ‘turned down’ or off.

The experiences reported by people from all walks of life who have astrally projected (voluntarily or involuntarily) have lots of common themes, including communication with autonomous entities (including deceased loved ones), experiencing time as non-linear (time-travel), and feeling that they are one with everything in creation. There are also reports of people who were born blind being able to use their third eye to see and accurately describe things in this reality - like what their neighbor’s yard looks like or even read books!

By regaining the full functionality of your pineal gland, you can learn to consciously astral travel; maintain a predominantly visionary state; use telepathy/telekinesis/ psychic writing; foresee the future and so much more. We all have these potentials so what is holding us back? We already saw that the pineal gland is atrophying due to imbalanced light exposure, but there is another area of concern. Our modern way of life - everything from the processed foods we eat, to the fluoride added to our water and toothpastes, to the toxicity of our environment - is leading to the calcification of our pineal gland. Remember the water contained within this gland that needs to be able to spin? If it’s full of hard calcific deposits, this will impede the flow, therefore the EM field created won’t be strong enough to block off signals from this reality to allow access to other realities.

To decalcify the pineal gland we must begin to make better choices like: fluoride-free toothpaste; removing mercury fillings, fluoride filters for our water; eating non-refined foods; eating detoxing foods like lemons, cilantro & apple cider vinegar; using sound frequencies & visualizations; doing sun or candle-gazing; energy healing & activations etc. 

To further stimulate the growth of your pineal gland and ‘6th sense’, you can do regular meditations in complete darkness. See if this enhances your ability to receive intuitive messages in the form of visuals or even audio. 

Hopefully you feel inspired to implement these changes to gain access to all that this precious gland has to offer and tap into your greater potential as a multidimensional being!

Written by Aïten Snaith, Egyptian Energy Healer

Offering Third Eye Activations

Sources: DMT: The Spirit Molecule Documentary (available on YouTube)
David Wilcock's lectures on the Pineal Gland (available on YouTube) and book: Source Field Investigations


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