Energy Healing Services

Cranial Healing
for deep relaxation & transcendence

What is Cranial Healing?

Cranial Healing is gentle hands-on therapy of the head, neck, face and shoulders using a moisturizing organic body lotion, lovingly blended with your choice of essential oil.

Ancient Egyptian techniques going back millennia are integrated into the session, including the use of pressure points. Pressure point manipulation can reset and restore normal bodily functions, allowing you to deeply relax and release energy blockages.

Sessions include work on the reflex points of the hands and feet, as well as chakra balancing with crystals.

Why Work on the Head?

Working on the head affects not just the body but also your mind, your energy and even your consciousness. It is one of the fastest ways to improve someone’s state of mind through focused and conscious touch.

Most find it supremely relaxing which puts the body into an ideal state to activate its own natural healing mechanisms, thus strenghtening the immune system.

Who is it For? Anyone with:

- Stress (!!!)

- Neck pain

- Headache

- Monkey Mind

- Anyone looking for a vibrational boost!

Reported Results:

-   Physical Healing   -   Deep Relaxation   -    Muscular Release   -   Energetic Balance   -

-   Heightened Ability to Focus   -   Increased Mental Clarity   -   Profound Inner Peace   -

-   Reduced Stress   -    Headache Relief   -   Improved Sleep   -   Increased Range of Motion in the Neck   -


"My Cranial Healing sessions with Aiten are islands of bliss in my schedule! It certainly quiets the "monkey mind" and relaxes the body. I feel like I’m floating in calm! She is very kind, supportive, and extremely knowledgeable. She is gentle, nice, caring, and a strong health advocate! She heals on many levels during the session, as well as afterward, explaining what she has found, along with recommendations. Whether you go to balance your chakras and cleanse or to feel physically teleported to a world free of stress and demands, the Cranial Healing sessions are both a treat and a necessity!" - Anne F.
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