Wisdom of Ancient Egypt & Beyond

"Think not that man is earth-born,
though come from the earth he may be.
Man is light-born spirit - one with the Cosmos.
But, without knowing, he can never be free."
Thoth - The Emerald Tablets

Discover a fast-track approach to raising

your vibration for the purpose of:
1) physical/emotional healing
2) consciousness evolution


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eye of horus

Aïten Snaith - Egyptian Energy Healer & Guide

I'm passionate about maximizing 'vibrational' health and promoting self-awareness to keep the body's energy field strong and vital. My specialty is Third-Eye Activations for intuitive development and for facilitating higher levels of consciousness.

Everyone’s journey to higher consciousness is unique - there is no right or wrong. But what I have come to understand through my own journey is that there are fundamental Universal Principles that can help to guide the evolution of consciousness. By learning these "cosmic laws", you can quickly transcend your current level of awareness and start having experiences beyond this realm of existence that will completely transform your life. To see how I can help you take your awareness to new levels, click here
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