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Energy Healing is for more than just relaxing or hoping someone can make your struggles go away. It’s about becoming aware that the (unconscious) source and therefore solution to your pain lies within you. 

When every fiber of your being accepts this simple yet profound truth, your life can never be the same again. My goal is to help you see yourself as the answer to your own prayers. By embracing the truth of who you are beyond this human life, you can replace mental anguish with in-the-moment intuitive guidance, which perpetually reveals your highest, freest path.

Energy Therapy & Guidance

For the novice to the confused seeker to the spiritual pro



My regular healing sessions integrate the yin (Ba) and yang (Ka) principles by having both an interactive Ka phase and an intuitive Ba phase:

Ka Phase: Every session begins with an exploration of your current state of consciousness where you are invited to put your life under a microscope while simultaneously re-examining your beliefs on how you think this reality works. This naturally gives rise to new awarenesses required to transcend any struggles you are facing.

Ba Phase: Energy healing is used to induce an altered state of consciousness, one in which the body's ability to heal itself is supercharged and can even elicit instantaneous healings!* With your walls of resistance down, you become more receptive to the energy, wisdom and insights from your Greater Self that can heal old emotional wounds and unhealthy patterns.

Sessions may include some or all of the following: meditation instruction, hands-on/non-touch healing, crystals, tuning forks, aromatherapy, chakra assessment, follow-up email, recommended practices. 


Duration: up to 2hrs

Energy Exchange: $120

Recommended Frequency: we decide this together however the following is recommended for best results: Week 1, Week 2, Week 4, Week 6, Week 8, as desired.



Third-Eye Activation a.k.a Light Body Activation

For the confused seeker to the spiritual pro



This is a 2-day process that you have done once in a lifetime and is highly recommended for anyone on a spiritual path or anyone looking to be connected with their life purpose. After having their Light Body activated, people often report a heightened intuitive sense, which helps to confidently guide them on their journey. Many life changes start to occur as their outer experiences must come to match their new vibratory rate. 


Many people also report deeper meditations; a new or improved ability to astral travel; the onset or improvement of psychic abilities (clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance); a deeper understanding of Universal Truths; increased awareness & frequency of synchronicities; and a recognition of their co-creative (manifestation) abilities. Human consciousness has been shifting since 2012 and it's time for us all to get on board! We need to awaken our dormant DNA strands to be able to access our true potential and this powerful activation accelerates this process.


I was taught this process through Tesla Metamorphosis® - you can learn more about it here. It is formally known as Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis. 


Duration: x2 1.5hr sessions 2 DAYS IN A ROW  Energy Exchange: $333

Note: this process is done once in a lifetime and works with you for the rest of your life. 


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