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  • Amazing Healing, Lightbody Activation and Spiritual Professional: "Aiten of Horus Healing is just flat out amazing. She's not only knowledgeable, her healings are very effective. Due to her groundedness and willingness to not label and pigeonhole you can be sure that you are getting the services that are right for you. If you feel uncomfortable paying someone you don't know for a healing, I urge you to attend one of her healing circles or workshops. She withstands a nice balance between the quantum/ science side, the practical, and metaphysical sides. She is truely a great asset to the South Florida Spiritual community. I've noticed a difference in my life for sure." - Stephanie H.

  • "Aiten is a wonderful soul. From the moment I seeked help she was the first one who popped up. Even though I reminded myself I wouldn't jump the gun on the first person.. it was all meant to be - I read her profile and felt an instant connection - we relate in a way where I feel I've known her for years. She is truly a gifted and an exemplary healer. Astute, with so much knowledge on energies, and wavelengths, and laws of the universe. I had a wonderful first time experience - and a successful one. During my session I felt like I was actually vibrating.. unrealistic unless you experience it for yourself. I felt actual physical, emotional and spiritual release - almost like a calmness taking over your entire being.. and for the days to follow I had such a heightened sense of energy, hyperaware of everything around me. The universe is always sending us signs - Aiten helped me to clear my energies and actually start paying attention to everything that was masked around me." Noor Z. 

  • "Aiten is a talented, spiritual, effective energy worker. My experience of her light body activation was remarkable. I was vibrating, yet peaceful. I felt opened up emotionally and I felt freed. I felt my body was lifted to a higher frequency. I felt my thoughts were clear without judgement or any negativity. I felt light and activated just like the name of the process. I was very energetic. I felt a deep calm that my life is and will be just fine and wonderful, any problems would be resolved. I had emotional release. It was wonderful. She is a goddess of the work." Phillip D.

  • "The healings performed by Aiten have been outstanding. The compassion and care was felt and thereby the Trust was open and the healing complete. I would definitely highly recommend a session or more with Aiten. She is extremely intuitive speaking one on one with your higher self." Rita. G

  • I had the greatest experience with Aiten! She is warm and loving. Her spirit is welcoming and soothing! I have been feeling light and positive since our meeting. When my mind drifts to the situation we were working on it becomes less stressed. It seems that my whole thought process has changed in a positive way. It has changed me in a wonderful way! I look forward to working more with her.  Jenny H.
  • "Hi Aiten! Well I have to tell you I feel great. My skin was even glowing since I saw you. I’ve been able to sleep peacefully. I find myself running out negative thoughts really fast, instead of dwelling on them like I tend to do when I'm overanalyzing things. My days have been less stressful because I’m calm. It's been really easy to go with the flow. I thank you again for your wonderful healing hands.  You are a God send!" - Wendy Marisol Davis

  • "Wow. So, that's the usual comment after a treatment, nothing new. :) 

    In the beginning of the treatment, when you moved to my hands, I was able to feel a distinct, solid connection to the place on my feet you were previously at. It was as if you were holding my 2 hands AND my 2 feet.  And I also felt at the end when you were 'getting off the energy freeway', ratcheting things down (because during the treatment I felt like I was in a vibrating chamber). Wow.. And it was wonderful to feel the energy ramping up too. So, I felt the crystal layout, yeah, wow.. then the energy work on top of that..

    I was able to 'see' how I view and interact with one of the bosses at work - even though I was aware in some sense, I got an almost visual of it. And during the treatment I was seeing relationships with people, real and hypothetical. It wasn't a newsreel of connections, it was 'mixed media'- Words, pictures, ideas. And there was no logical progression, they just appeared. But the 'fast forward' button feeling (of thinking too intensely about things, the warning to slow down) came back twice. It was an acknowledgement of yes, this is, but it doesn't have to be.

    Thank you for sharing and giving so much.." - Anne

  • 'Aiten has a great energy and touch! She has treated me with energy work, access consciousness work, and massage combined with various gem stones placed on me. All work was very professional and sincere. Aiten has a great kindness and gentleness that she applies thru her work, and is amazingly knowledgeable and aware! It is a joy to know such a person with so much presence beyond her years. Oh, and her treatment space she has set up is wonderful". - Lee. C

  • "I have gone to Horus Healing several different times for healing treatment. I recently went because I was having pain. Within a day of my session the pain had gone. I highly recommend Aiten she has a very gentle and caring spirit". - Lise-Anne J.

  • "My Egyptian Touch Therapy sessions with Aiten are islands of bliss in my schedule! It certainly quiets the "monkey mind" and relaxes the body.  I feel like I’m floating in calm! She is very kind, supportive, and extremely knowledgeable.  She is gentle, caring, and a strong health advocate! She helps people heal on many levels during the session, as well as afterward, explaining what she has found, along with recommendations.  Whether you go to balance your chakras and cleanse, or to feel physically teleported to a world free of stress and demands, Egyptian Touch Therapy sessions are both a treat and a necessity!" - Anne F.  

  • “Aiten has been such an inspiration in my life. I have been blessed to have a few healings from her, and plan to have more. She is a natural and gifted healer as it is, and this beautiful Tesla Metamorphosis energy she is using now is beyond anything I have ever experienced. I felt the energy in every cell, this was unlike other healing modalities I've experienced. I literally felt as though my DNA and each particle in my cells were changing in a positive way. It was an intense and healing vibration and I got the sense that it would change my life. Aiten is such a genuine, caring, and admirable person. She puts her all into everything she does and truly loves what she does. I am constantly inspired by her genuine soul and loving heart.” - Angela Culhane, Spiritual Healing Practitioner

  • "Aiten has a relaxed, easy-going nature, an ability to be as serious as necessary and to infuse her wonderful sense of humor in any situation in which she may find herself.  Aiten took the time to explain why things worked the way they did and what positive steps I needed to take to continue with my healthy lifestyle. I always looked forward to our sessions and there was something new for me to learn at each one! Now I feel significantly lighter, both physically and mentally." - Maria Conte, CFO/Controller at Brae Burn Country Club

  • "Aiten is professional, engaging, intelligent, with a calm demeanor which brings great overall healing to her clientele. In her work with me, I always experienced improved physical energy and flow and a more balanced sense of well-being." - Mary Alison Fletcher, Owner of Synergy Fitness.
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